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Engine Service

We have partnered with the absolute best engine builders in the country to power our Kid Karts and Cadets. You'll find these engine builders have very long championship resumes and outstanding national results.

Kid Karts  - Snell Racing - 937-475-2930

Engines:  Comer C50/51

Pictured with Ben Maier - WKA Man Cup National Champion - 2016

NSR Engine Services:

  • Engine Rebuild - $350 + parts
  • Engine Machining Service - $400
  • Crank Indexing - $50
  • Clutch Blueprinting - $30
  • Dyno Service - $100/hr
  • New Engine Blueprinting (Includes all labor above) - $700 + parts

Dyno service is a very valuable tool to figure out what you have in your inventory.  It is not uncommon for a Kid Kart team to have several engines and even more carbs.  It is a never ending process on the track to figure out which combination works best.  In a fraction of that time NSR can run all of your engines and carbs on the Dyno and literally rate each of your components so you'll know what works best, with a Dyno report for your records.  This is one of the most valuable resources you should use for competitive Kid Kart racing.


Cadet Karts  - Allison Racing Engines - 317-522-7111

 Engines: Iame Swift & X30, ROK, Yamaha


Allison Racing Engines dominating at the Florida Winter Tour

Contact Brandon Jenkins - 317.522.7111

Brandon has been described by many as the happiest guy in the pits.  And for good reason, his engines kick butt.  He is a fantastic resource to have in your corner.  Brandon does not publish his rates because it is practically impossible to have set rates with the various services he can do on so many levels to so many different engines.  He asks that you call him for personalized service. 

He Specializes In.....

Yamaha Junior/Senior Can IAME X30 Vortex Micro Rok
Yamaha Junior Sportsman IAME Mini Swift Vortex Mini Rok
Yamaha Rookie IAME Leopard Vortex Rok GP
Yamaha Senior Pipe IAME KPV/HPV Vortex Junior Rok