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Get Started in Karting

Want to get into karting?  Don't know how?  Don't worry, we've all been there.  Keep an eye on this section of our site over the coming months for our thoughts and advice on getting started.  

In the meantime, the most basic advice is to visit your local track to see what classes they race.  Tracks tend to focus on certain classes or engine types.  The worst thing you can do is buy a kart/engine package only to find out that it is not raced at your local track. When you get to your local track simply observe, and talk to people. You'll find kart racers are a very friendly and helpful bunch. 

Buying a used kart from your local track will be the quickest and easiest way to get going. The kart will likely already conform to local rules and be set up for the local track.  Once you really get into it you can then consider buying something new that ideally suits your needs.  We recommend buying whatever brand is best supported at your track. There is nothing worse than spending the time, and money to get to the track only to break a proprietary part.  This will end your day.  

No matter what, we'll be here to answer your questions and look forward to being your parts supplier.