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Helm Guardian

Helm Guardian AIM Screen Protector fits Mychron 5, MXM

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Helm Guardian offers a growing lineup of screen protectors for marine navigational screens. These protective shields are great in both fresh water and saltwater.   These screen protectors are a sacrificial layer to prevent your costly electronics from scratches and wear.  

  • Reduce fingerprints and smudges
  • Scratch Resistent
  • Clear
  • Easy installation
  • Includes test piece
  • Includes installation supplies

If you can't find the size you are looking for please let us know.  The catalog is constantly expanding with new models. 

*Free installation when purchased with select displays.  Please call us to arrange.


Tips and tricks:

These screen protectors are large, and installation can be cumbersome.  Here are some general tips to assist you.  

  • Clean off your screen, and your work space.  Try to eliminate any dust, lint, pet hair or any other fine particles.   
  • Line the screen protector up on the screen so you can eyeball the amount of space you can expect top have around the perimeter of the screen protector.  Generally this is approximately a mm around the entire edge between the edge of the screen protector and the edge of the screen.  Learning this gap now, will help you line up the screen protector when the time comes. 
  • Clean your screen again with the solution in the included mini spray bottle, and the included microfiber cloth. 
  • Peel off the side of the protector that says "1".  This will expose the sticky side that you'll adhere to the screen. 
  • Line up one edge and corner of the protector on the screen, using the positioning you discovered in the 2nd step.
  • Slowly allow the protector to lay on the screen working from the corner you layed down first, to the opposite corner.  Use a credit card to work out any air bubbles along the way as you lay down the protector. 
  • Once the protector is installed, use your finger or a credit card to work out any remaining air bubbles. 
  • If the installation did not go perfectly (they rarely do), you can peel it back off to reposition it and try again. Be careful not to damage the corner where you peel it up.  If you have dust or debris under the protector you can peel up the protector to expose that area, then use the included double sided tape to remove the debris, then try to stick it down again. 
  • Unless you have a totally dust proof environment, it is nearly impossible to get a perfect installation. You'll often be left with an imperfection or two.  You'll be happy to know these become invisible once the screen is turned on.