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Nitro Kart

2022 Nitro Kart Cadet Chassis

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The new 2022 Nitro Kart is the absolute best Cadet kart available today. It features the same Italian Pedigree as many of the other leading chassis' on the market, with it's roots based in the USA. Designed and tested by karting legend, Nick Tucker, at various tracks in the USA with some of America's top drivers.  There is simply no other kart on the market as "free" as the Nitro Kart.  

While the chassis is as good or better than anything on the market, what truly sets Nitro Kart apart is the support.  Both trackside and remotely. Tucker and crew have already amassed a great deal of data from the most popular tracks in the USA,  with the database growing daily.  Teams can submit their data to Nitro Kart anytime to have it evaluated and compared to other drivers on the same track.  Setups will be shared with the goal of eliminating guesswork at the track to make the most of every session. Nitro Kart will never share your data with other teams, rather they will evaluate it internally and give you valuable insights.  So you don't need to pay huge tent fees to get industry leading support from some of the best people in karting. If your team is on a Nitro Kart, you are part of the program. 

FKS is proud to not only have our team drivers on Nitro Karts, but to also be the dealer in the Mid-Atlantic. Buy online, call us, or see us at the track.  We'll be happy to help you.  We also stock Nitro Kart parts both in our shop and trackside to keep you going.  

Chassis Specifications:

  • Italian 28mm Chromoly chassis
  • 950mm Wheelbase
  • Anodized Aluminum Components
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Hydraulic Self Adjusting Brakes
  • Comes Standard with Angled Steering Hub
  • 4L capacity Fuel Tank
  • IMAF Titan Seat
  • 30mm x 5mm x 960mm Axle
  • Fully Adjustable Castor/Camber
  • Multi Position Pedal Mounts
  • KG MK14 Body Work
  • Integrated Battery Box Mounts
  • Fully Adjustable Ride Height